Mistakes That Beginners Make

It is very obvious for any beginner to make mistakes while getting started with drawing. People often tend to use pencil such as HB which is too hard and can make it difficult for you to do the shading. Thus, it is better to use a B or 2B, which are perfect for shading.

Proportions can be very tricky especially when it comes to drawing eyes and heads. Often beginners end up creating them bigger than what is required.For any artist’s foundation, it is very important to be able to draw correct proportions. Often the hands and feet becomes a little short because it can be a bit difficult to draw them perfectly.It is better to spend some time to learn these.

A lot of time beginners tend to focus only on the subject and the background gets neglected. Try to visualize the complete scene and avoid drawing your subject in complete isolation. Initially, you might hesitate to take risks while you create a drawing but you must not limit yourself and keep experimenting.